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Updates & Guest Writings

We're going over some great writings from both previous contributors and new ones, and have a lot going on behind the scenes now that we're settled in to the middle of Michigan! Want to write, model, or act? Get in touch with HEX or DoryBull! As usual more website updates behind the scenes, but since I'm the only one who loves the technical side I'll spare you the details, except to say new user signup will be coming back. Until then I … [more]

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I love nosy Vanillas… [Writing]

Original Link to Mellissimo's Writing Reprinted with Author’s permission. Copyright 2014 Mellissimo Ladies, picture this: You're in a grocery store, or a library, or filling up your car with gas... Suddenly, you are approached by a stranger asking if you are OK. The … [more]

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Sadist Heart [Writing]

Original Link to Kavon’s Writing Reprinted with Author’s permission. Copyright 2014 Kavon What would I do to get my hands on you To feel my hands upon your soft skin Tracing your curves Teasing you with gentle touches To pull you close & take in your scent To feel … [more]

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subspace [Writing]

So this is what subspace feels like, like your floating on the clouds or high even. It felt like nothing else existed or no one else existed, all that mattered was then and there pleasing you. Your hands around my throat, your mouth biting my body, your hands pulling my nipples while you fuck me. The combination of the … [more]

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Why Geeky Doms are the Best [Writing]

Original Link to brainchild’s Writing Reprinted with Author’s permission. Copyright 2013 brainchild 1. INTELLIGENCE. Give me a smart Dom any day over the Domly Lord Macho Man. The smart guy knows He doesn't know it all and spends an inordinate amount of time continually learning to be a better Master. 2. … [more]

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How to Exclude Others with Grace and Style [Writing]

Original Link to WednesdayA’s Writing Reprinted with Author’s permission. Copyright 2013 WednesdayA No, this title is absolutely NOT sarcastic! This is actually a Thing I think we (as a community, and ultimately as humans) frikkin’ need to discuss and treat as a skill. So I will say this right off the … [more]

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And… We’re Back

After moving everything out to the middle of Michigan, it's time to start releasing things publicly on the site again and working on projects. Since we have pared down the number of projects due to time constraints things should be a bit more focused. Contact me if you want to submit writing, model in photos or … [more]

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No New User Signups – Disabled DAP

After upgrading plugins I found that DAP was causing major issues and had to disable it. Currently there is no way to sign up on the site, however instead of enabling the default Wordpress signup I'll … [more]

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Creating Erotic Art, Sci-Fi, Horror & Funding

As the project has gone on, we've heard plenty of negativity and faced major challenges attempting to create new content that has an erotic aspect. I keep a few choice quotes around (see below) just … [more]

"WordPress Security" By Nikolay Bachiyski via Flickr

Attacked and Returned

We need your help, donate via PayPal! We host the FetChat Adult IRC (Internet Relay Chat), and there has been a series of attacks on the server itself. We can protect against this kind of attack by … [more]


Domination for Nice Guys [Writing]

So you're a nice guy. You think that people should be treated with respect and courtesy; you find violence, particularly violence against women, reprehensible; you would never, under any … [more]

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Idiots Avant – Reunion/Demise Show & Interview [Video]

Updated with Interview! Once there was a band that was, then wasn't, then was again. Featuring the entire setup (skip ahead to 10 minute mark to get to the music), full set, and final bows to family, … [more]

Personality question, Human question, face question, etc. © Nevit Dilmen [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Ambiguity in Labels

Humans have places for their shit and labels for their shit. These are the two fundamental truths about the human race. No other species can separate everything out like we do. This is a survival … [more]

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